Music lovers have always been

Biography of a passionate pianist

Music lovers from the age of 4, I practiced accordion, trumpet, lyric singing and much later… bagpipes. Classical music was one of my first conquests. After having worn my trousers on the benches of the Conservatoire National de Région de Bordeaux for 15 years in the classes of piano, trumpet, chamber music, brass ensemble, harmony… , I fell on the black side of the force: jazz. Immediately bewitched by this music of freedom «invented» by people who were not, I was able to perfect my game with Do Harson, Bernard Maury (Bill Evans Academy), Michel Petrucciani, Joe Henderson, Ray Barreto, and more recently my late Alfrédo Rodriguez.

In parallel with these meetings, obviously many concerts far beyond our European borders that allowed me to rub shoulders with artists from the French scene such as Michel Fugain, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Montagné, Gibsons Brother, Vladimir Kosma, Jean Claude Petit, the Drifters and many more (pardon the forgotten!).

My Journey

Aside from this consuming thirst to “commune” with the public, I have always had a weakness for this transmission of “knowledge”.

That is why, not only have I embarked on writing several books dealing with pedagogy but especially in the creation of a school of music like no other, A real place of artistic life and now a Professional Training Centre for Music Professions: the Regional Institute of Musical Expression.

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