Have you never played piano before and would like to discover your hidden talents as a musician?

Whatever your age or your musical and pianistic experience, I offer jazz, classical, Afro-Caribbean and harmony piano lessons.

Whether they are pieces that I will suggest to you or that you will be keen to learn, you will work on scores that are always motivating in order to combine the pleasure of playing and the speed of progression.

The piano offering great musical perspectives, our meetings will aim to provide you with the knowledge, ease in reading scores and the necessary technical skills, in order to become more and more autonomous in your practice.

Jazz allows both initiation to the instrument in a style that leaves room for creativity, as well as openness to swing and improvisation for musicians.
This is why I also offer improvisation lessons open to all instrumentalists and for singers, I also provide piano accompaniment lessons (without pre-requisites).

Attractive pedagogy and possibility of using videoconferencing.